Life Insurance

There are always a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a life insurance policy.  At Virgil McLagan Company Inc. we have a seasoned veteran of over 50 year who made his career in life insurance and is well experienced in each and every product available on the market.
Life insurance policies will protect your beneficiaries with financial stability and security when it matters most.  Life insurance can help beneficiaries with:

  • Covering any lost income and helping continue the same standard of living
  • Paying off any debts
  • Paying for your children’s education
  • Covering funeral and related cost

Virgil McLagan Company, Inc. has trained agents that will assist you to determine which coverage is right for you.  You must first always ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish by having a life insurance policy.  Are you insuring your life so that when you pass away your children will be able to go to college or so your spouse will be able to pay off the mortgage? A temporary form of life insurance-Term Life-is well suited for these concerns.  However, if you are more concerned about providing income to a widow or widower for life, funding retirement, or passing on wealth to future generations you will find permanent life insurance to be better suited for these needs.
At Virgil McLagan Company, Inc. our agents are here to talk with you and help you determine what your needs are and provide you with researched options that will help you in making what is always a difficult decision.  The links below are there to help you with determine the difference between term life and permanent life insurance product.  Product differs from state to state so please contact us for a confidential review.

Click to learn more about our Permanent Life Insurance plans, or our Term Life Insurance plans.